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OwnMail on IBM zSeries
Reliability, Scalability
and Manageability

ISPs demand reliability, scalability and manageability.
ISPs have long required ever-increasing standards of reliability, scalability and manageability from their mail solutions. Mail services are usually bundled with access products and ISPs risk service cancellations if their mail solutions are not up to the mark.

ISPs are locked out of the lucrative business mail segment.
ISPs are locked out of lucrative enterprise and business mail services due to the preponderance of existing in house mail services. This restricts ISPs to providing free email services to the residential market.

Traditional hardware solutions have reached their limits.
Traditional hardware solutions have reached their natural limits in catering to this demand. As mail systems move to scale past the 100 million-user mark, ISPs are being forced to run farms of hundreds or even thousands of mail servers. In such circumstances, ensuring reliability and manageability for their mail services has become a primary concern of ISPs.

OwnMail on zSeries caters to oversized requirements.
OwnMail's version for IBM's zSeries is targeted just at these requirements of ISPs. IBM's mainframe platform brings with it 3 decades of experience in catering to oversized requirements. OwnMail on IBM zSeries allows ISPs to consolidate hundreds of mail servers onto a single mainframe. Combined with time tested management tools available on the mainframes, this dramatically improves the manageability of the solution. With MTBF (Mean Time between Failures) of up to 30 years, the zSeries provides unmatched reliability and uptime.

OwnMail gives service providers the horsepower to target the enterprise market.
OwnMail equips ISPs with a set of mail tools that work to enhance the functionality of the client's existing mail services, without requiring him to migrate. This allows them to target the business and enterprise mail market with short sales cycles. These tools include an anti-virus gateway, branch email, mobile mail for professionals on the move, fax gateways, web site email etc. These tools are an excellent source of incremental revenue for the ISP.

Bundled sales and helpdesk support services make for a uniquely rounded offering.
The mainframe version completes OwnMail's product offering for ISPs that includes low cost sales and helpdesk support for their mail services. By enabling sales and support services out of dedicated outsourced facilities, OwnMail offers the most complete set of mail services in the Industry today.

OwnMail on zSeries is available immediately. Call now for more information
Send a message to helpdesk@ownmail.com to find out more or click here to download the datasheet.

  OwnMail on IBM's zSeries mainframes is targeted towards the mail requirements of ISPs. It provides unmatched reliability, scalability and manageability. Its mail tools enable ISPs to earn revenue from the business email segment without requiring clients to change their existing email systems. Bundled sales and helpdesk support services make OwnMail a uniquely rounded offering.

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