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Trikon Voip

Bulk Deals

2+ lines:
  • Centralised billing
4+ lines:
  • No visit charges
8+ lines:
  • IVR and call queues
  • Free incoming number
24+ lines:
  • Free IP centrex


  • Unlimited worldwide calling for a one time payment
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • VoIP phone provided, no computer needed
  • Plug and play installation procedure
  • As clear as a land-line, or your money back
  • Receive return calls after you have called someone
  • Optional priority call barge feature
  • Optional incoming number to receive calls
  • Toll-free numbers (1800) available too

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Unlimited International Calls for a Monthly Fee!

Trikon's VoIP is an international Internet phone service with unlimited ISD calls for a monthly fee. Our phone attaches directly to your broadband connection; no computer needed. 3 plans cover every need. Our payment structure and money back policy make it easy to try our service.

Plans to cover every need

  • Unlimited calling to USA, Canada & landlines in UK, Germany & Italy in the 5 Free Plan
  • Unlimited calling to 35 major destinations around the world in the 35 Free Plan
  • Ultra low cost calling to all destinations in Full TalkTime Plan
  • Call center VoIP here

Payment structure that inspires confidence

  • First payment for just 3 months to test service.
  • Remaining payable after 3 months!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. (See below)

No computer needed

  • Free broadband Internet phone to make calls, no need for a computer
  • Plug and play installation procedure
  • Complete installation support

100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Changed your mind after the first payment? Get 100% of it refunded!
  • Made the second payment and want to discontinue? Your salesperson has a plan for that too!

Useful Features

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