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  • Maintenance-free email for business, schools and sites
  • Uses the Internet, can be given anywhere
  • No need for a server or a technician
  • Browser interface with all features, no need to load software
  • Can be used from shared computers
  • Huge mailboxes, no need to delete old mail
  • Mail can be read while travelling
  • Dramatically lower cost of servicing branch offices
  • Archiving ensures continuity despite employee turnover
  • Complete helpdesk support for switchover to OwnMail

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"Maintenance-free email service"

Trikon's OwnMail service eliminates the headaches related with providing email to your organisation. It is maintenance-free. You do not need a server at your premises, nor technical help. This gives you huge cost savings with great flexibility. See some of its benefits below:

Enterprise class benefits

Maintenance-free design
  • Designed from ground up to be used without technical help
  • No need to run email servers, anti-virus or anti spam gateways
  • No need to install or configure software if you use browser based email
  • 24 hour telephone support
Suitable for multi-location organisations
  • Ability to define multiple smtp delivery locations
  • Combine SMTP delivery for some locations with webmail / POP access for others
  • Fine grained delegation of administrative rights
  • Dramatically loser cost of servicing branch offices
Suitable for shared computers
  • Full featured browser based design makes it easy to share computers
  • Huge mailboxes, no need to download messages
Run email servers on dynamic and / or private IP addresses
  • A unique feature: run local email servers on private IP addresses
  • Local mail servers on dynamic IP addresses also possible
Compressed email delivery - save bandwidth
  • Unique compressed email delivery option reduces BW by 50%
  • Early detect, anti-spam and anti-virus features reduce BW by another third

Enterprise class features

User features
  • Browser based email.
  • Pop access.
  • Personal message filters
  • Personal signature
  • Download from other POP accounts
  • Auto-reply
  • Message search
  • Address book in compose
  • Delivery receipts / read receipts
  • Message forward
  • Automatic save of sent messages
  • Reminders via email
  • Can be used from office, home or on the road, no need for a laptop
  • Can be used from shared computers
  • Internet file server for online storage of documents.
Administrative features
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes of between 200 - 10,000MB. Default 200MB
  • Pay only for space used, typical utilisation of mailboxes is 3%
  • Powerful Anti-virus, Anti-spam
  • Delegation of administrative functions
  • Global message filters
  • Global signature or message / Sign-up message.
  • Web site email is completely customisable
  • Message archiving
  • Postmaster facility
  • Message tracking system
  • Outgoing SMTP delivery to multiple locations
  • All features available via web browser, no need to load any software.