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Desktop viruses are largely email borne
With floppies facing extinction, email has proved to be the sole bearer of virus attacks. Email borne viruses such as "Love Bug", "Sircam" and "Melissa" have caused billions of dollars worth of damage in lost data, downtime, network congestion and repair man-hours.
Desktop anti-virus programs do not contain the damage
Most network, firewall or desktop based anti-virus solutions have repeatedly failed to contain the damage. Full-scale attacks are capable of bringing down networks and mail servers by simply overloading them. Desktop users are prone to tamper with their anti- virus settings and thereby reduce their effectiveness. Further, anti-virus solutions are often not updated in time to counter fast moving viruses.
OwnMail's Anti-Virus Gateway does not allow network clogging
Virus related network outages are possibly the worst and most common outcome of a major outbreak. In a unique force multiplier effect, a single infection can cause a service outage for a hundred or more users. By scanning messages before they reach the network, OwnMail's Email Anti-Virus Gateway eliminates the possibility of network or server overload on attack.
Effective against fast moving viruses - virus definitions are updated daily
The inability to update themselves in time is the leading cause of non-performance of network and desktop anti-virus solutions. Due to the ubiquity of email services, a virus can spread itself globally in a matter of days. The greatest damage is done in the initial days of the attack. By updating virus definitions automatically on a daily basis, OwnMail is effective against fast moving virus attacks. OwnMail also has an advanced heuristics algorithm that is capable in many cases of detecting viruses even before they have been discovered.
Greatly reduces cost of maintaining anti-virus solutions
Maintaining an effective anti virus defence can be an expensive job not only in terms of EDP manpower consumed, but also in terms of desktop CPU cycles and lost productivity due to slower computers. By removing the urgency associated with anti-virus upgrades, OwnMail reduces EDP manpower expense. Further, desktops can reduce incidence of access scanning with resultant increased productivity.
It is maintenance-free! No on-site software to be installed or maintained
By virtue of its online topology, OwnMail removes the need to install or maintain on-site software. OwnMail's Email Anti-Virus Gateway is designed to give years of maintenance-free service. There is no hardware to be bought, no manuals to be read and no software to be updated.
Works with any email system
Due to its use of industry-standard SMTP technology, OwnMail can be used with virtually any existing email system. OwnMail leverages SMTP's multithreaded and redundant architecture to provide superior levels of service reliability.
Rapid deployment
A simple set up procedure and minimum configuration requirements ensure rapid deployment and seamless migration.
Sign-up procedure
For more information and to sign-up for this service, send in your requirement to our helpdesk. Our service representatives will take it from there.

  With OwnMail's Email Anti-Virus Gateway, organisations can block viruses before they enter their network. Full blown virus attacks can cause network outages and extensive losses in productivity. OwnMail's solution eliminates network clogging, is effective against fast spreading viruses and greatly reduces cost of maintaining anti-virus defences. The solution is maintenance-free and works with any email system. Send in your requirement to our helpdesk before the next attack can do your network harm.

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