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Traveling SIM Cards

Trikon's SIM cards awarded the "INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN EAGLE AWARD FOR PRESTIGE AND QUALITY" from Spain's Actualidad Magazine of Tourism, Industry and Commerce.


  • Choice of worldwide or country specific sim cards
  • Worldwide sim card pays you to receive calls!
  • Country specific gives local number in country of travel
  • Free incoming in most countries
  • Deep Discount call rates to India @ 25-30c per minute
  • Free delivery & collection
  • Transparent, publicly viewable tariff schemes
  • International 3G data services from 13c/MB

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International Roaming at Local Rates

Avoid roaming costs, use Trikon's innovative SIM cards while traveling abroad. We offer both worldwide roaming as well as local SIM cards of your country of travel. Incoming is free in most countries, and the worldwide SIM card even pays you to receive calls on some networks!

Worldwide Sim Card

  • Single UK number that roams in 150 countries.
  • In 75 countries incoming is not just free, you are paid to receive calls!
  • Option of USA number for use in USA.
  • Free forwarding to your Indian number when not traveling.
  • 3G data service in many countries
  • Choose if you go to many countries, or to retain your number.
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Country Specific Sim Card

  • Local SIM cards of your country of travel with low rates to call locally.
  • Incoming is free in most countries.
  • Deep Discount rate to India @ 25-30c/min.
  • Choose this if you are going to a single country.
  • Choose this to provide a local number to your contacts abroad.
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Worldwide Data Card

  • International 3G data services from 13c/MB!
  • Pre-paid to avoid nasty bill surprises.
  • Easy online recharge available.
  • Range of hardware options: USB stick, Wifi hotspot or Android smartphone.
  • Reverse call facility with Android Smartphone.
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