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"Get Paid to Roam!"

The World Free SIM card makes you reachable for free in 75 countries for a one time cost of just $10. In 30 countries we actually pay you to receive calls! Forward this card to your Indian phone number when not traveling, for ever, for free! Purchase additional talk time to make outgoing calls, SMS or 3G data service. Take the Smart SIM version to get lower outgoing cost, a USA number for use when in the USA and ultra low cost calls in the UK.

Comparison of Versions:



Minimum per minute outgoing call cost139c9c
Be reachable for free with single UK number in 75 countries
Get paid to roam!
Free lifetime forwarding to India number
Be reachable with single UK number in 150 countries1
3G data1
Direct low cost calls in UK
Coverage in Italy
Roam in USA with USA number
Free incoming in USA on UK number
1: These options require you to purchase additional talktime for Standard version

Be reachable! Thats what your family needs!

  • Be contactable in 150 countries with a single UK number.
  • UK number to receive calls with free incoming in 75 countries.
  • Incoming is charged in other countries, see rates below.
  • Incoming SMS is free in all countries.

Get paid to roam! Balance increases after an incoming call!

  • Incoming is not just free in 75 countries, in 30 countries you are paid US1c/min to receive calls!
  • Payments you receive are added to your talk time. Your balance increases at end of incoming call!
  • Use your earned talk time for outgoing calls or SMS.

Free forwarding to Indian numbers!

  • When not traveling, calls to the card's UK number can be forwarded to your Indian number.
  • Forwarding to Indian numbers is unlimited and free for the validity of the card.
  • This feature does not require purchasing any talktime.
  • Use this before your trips to distribute your number ahead of time.
  • Use this after your trips to continue conversations you have had while on your trip.
  • Use the numbers on your visiting card or web site to provide a local number to your customers
  • Use this to keep the UK number active in between trips. Numbers not used for 6 months may be reallocated.
  • To activate call forwarding/call divert, dial *102(phone number in international format)#.
  • E.g. *102912224216325#.
  • To deactivate dial *103#

Make worldwide outgoing Calls and SMS

  • The card comes with $2 of talktime for emergency outgoing calls or SMS.
  • Talktime earned in "Get Paid to Roam" scheme can also be used for same.
  • Additional talk time can be purchased in $10 units. Online recharge available.
  • Outgoing calls are via a reverse call. See rates below.

High speed Internet (3G) service at unbelievable rates!

  • 3G data service is available at low rates starting at $0.09/MB!
  • Talk time for this can be purchased in small units. Online recharge available.
  • Data is not available in USA profile, switch to Global profile even when in USA to use data.
  • Smart Phones: To use set the Access Point Name (APN) in your smartphone to "mobiledata". There is NO need for any usernames or password.
    Nokia with S60 operating system: Select the Start menu and then select Tools / Settings / Connection / Packetdata and enter "mobiledata" as the Access Point.
    iPhone: Tap Settings / General / Network / Cellular Data Network / APN and enter mobiledata. Leave "Username" and "Password" blank. Tap Network

Smart SIM: Lower cost calls

  • Smart SIM has lower rates for outgoing calls.
  • The Standard SIM and the Smart SIM are physically different cards, to upgrade we send you a new Smart SIM.
  • The UK number of the standard SIM card can be ported to your new Smart SIM.

Smart SIM: Super low cost in UK

  • When in UK, restart the phone & select the Prime profile to get additional benefits.
  • In UK, the prime profile gives you ability to make direct outgoing calls (as opposed to reverse calls).
  • Direct outgoing calls in UK are at much lower rates, beginning with 9c/minute.
  • Data charges are also at much lower rates, beginning with 9c/MB.

Smart SIM: Coverage in Italy

  • When in Italy, restart the phone & select the Prime profile.
  • In Italy, you must use the prime profile to receive or make calls. The standard SIM does not cover Italy.

Smart SIM: Local USA number

  • Smart SIM has option of US incoming number when traveling to the USA, Canada and Mexico.
  • Dial *160# to activate USA number. Then (when in USA/Canada/Mexico), restart the phone & select the US Profile.
  • Incoming calls are not free on the USA number. You pay $0.39/minute to receive calls.
  • Calls received on your UK number when on the USA profile in USA/Canada are FREE!
  • Selection of USA Profile outside USA, Canada and Mexico will lead to NO NETWORK.
  • Data is not available in USA profile, switch to Global profile even when in USA to use data.

Migrating to Smart SIM

  • Make a one time payment of $60, of which $50 is talktime and ask for an upgrade.
  • The Standard SIM and the Smart SIM are physically different cards, to upgrade we send you a new Smart SIM.
  • All talktime payments after this must be for $50 each.
  • The UK number of the standard SIM card can be ported to your new Smart SIM.

Full talk time, no rent, no monthly minimums, no tricks

  • There is no rent or monthly minimum usage.
  • Smart SIM has activation charges of USD10 which is refunded by way of talk time credit.
  • Talk time usable for a year.
  • Unused talk time refundable for a year.
  • This is a prepaid service.
  • Initial payment by cash-on-delivery or credit card.
  • Online recharge or by using a pre paid voucher on the phone.
  • Free 3 day delivery. Emergency delivery charges of Rs150 for next day delivery.
  • SIM card works only in the countries listed below.
  • We require a copy of your passport and visa.
Please Note:
  • In UAE, the preferred partner is DU mobile. You must manually select this network to make outgoing calls.
  • When making an outgoing call, if you fail to get a call back, redial the number followed by the "#" key.
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Rates by country group (US$)

uk - prime profile

  • Incoming: FREE
  • Outgoing - Local and India: 0.09/min
  • Outgoing calls are by direct call in Prime profile
  • Data: 0.09/MB
Other countries in which this card works are grouped below by incoming call rate.

worldwide free+

Incoming in groupFREE+FREE+
Outgoing to Local & Group0.39/min0.29/min
Outgoing to India0.39/min0.25/min
Countries in group: austria, bahrain, belgium, bermuda, canada, costa rica, cyprus, czech republic, denmark, finland, france, germany, greece, hungary, israel, korea south, latvia, lithuania, martinique, mongolia, netherlands, new zealand, poland, portugal, reunion, romania, spain, sweden, venezuela, vietnam
  FREE+: In these countries you are paid US1c/min for incoming calls

worldwide free

Incoming in groupFREEFREE
Incoming in ItalyN.A.FREE
Incoming with USA number0.39/min0.39/min
Outgoing to Local & Group0.39/min0.39/min
Outgoing to India0.39/min0.25/min
Countries in group: angola, australia, bulgaria, burundi, canada (usa profile), egypt, estonia, french guiana, georgia, guadeloupe/st. barths/st. martin, iceland, indonesia, iran, ireland, italy, japan, jordan, kazakhstan, kenya, kuwait, kyrgyzstan, lebanon, malawi, malta, mayotte island, morocco, mozambique, namibia, netherlands antilles, nigeria, norway, paraguay, russia, saudi arabia, slovakia, slovenia, south africa, sri lanka, switzerland, tajikistan, turkey, uganda, united arab emirates, united kingdom, united states, uruguay, zambia
  USA: Incoming calls are free when USA profile is selected and call received on UK number

worldwide 5c

Incoming in group0.05/min0.05/min
Outgoing to Local & Group0.44/min0.30/min
Outgoing to India0.44/min0.30/min
Countries in group: china, hong kong, thailand

worldwide 10c

Incoming in group0.10/min0.10/min
Outgoing to Local & Group0.59/min0.59/min
Outgoing to India0.49/min0.35/min
Countries in group: andorra, anguilla, armenia, benin, bolivia, cayman islands, chile, luxembourg, mexico (usa profile), niger, palestine, qatar, sudan, suriname, syria, tanzania, turks and caicos is, ukraine, uk isles, yemen, zimbabwe
  Mexico: Incoming calls are at 10c when USA profile is selected and call received on UK number

worldwide 20c

Incoming in group0.20/min0.20/min
Outgoing to Local & Group0.79/min0.79/min
Outgoing to India0.59/min0.45/min
Countries in group: antigua and barbuda, aruba, barbados, belarus, botswana, brazil, burkina faso, cameroon, cape verde, chad, congo dem rep, cote divoire, croatia, dominica, dominican republic, equatorial guinea, faeroe islands, french polynesia, ghana, gibraltar, grenada, jamaica, mali, moldova, oman, puerto rico, st kitts and nevis, st lucia, st vincent, trinidad and tobago, virgin islands uk, virgin islands us

countries to avoid

The card must never be used in countries listed below, else you may be subject to incoming charges as high as $6/minute.
afghanistan, albania, algeria, argentina, azerbaijan, bahamas, bangladesh, belize, bhutan, bosnia, brunei darussalam, cambodia, central african rep, colombia, comoros, congo, cuba, djibouti, east timor, ecuador, el salvador, ellipso, ethiopia, fiji, gabon, gambia, greenland, guam, guatemala, guinea, guyana, haiti, honduras, india, iraq, laos, liberia, libya, liechtenstein, macao, macedonia, madagascar, malaysia, maldives, mauritania, mauritius, mexico (global profile), monaco, montenegro, montserrat, nepal, nicaragua, pakistan, panama, peru, philippines, rwanda, samoa west, sao tome and principe, senegal, serbia, seychelles, sierra leone, singapore, somalia, taiwan, togo, tonga, tunisia, turkmenistan, uzbekistan, vanuatu,

Outgoing SMS Rates. Incoming is free everywhere!

Outgoing SMS rates when roaming in these countries are as below. The rate is irrespective of destination country. Incoming SMS is free.


austria, belgium, brunei darussalam, canada (usa profile), china, cyprus, czech republic, denmark, estonia, finland, france, french guiana, germany, gibraltar, greece, guadeloupe/st. barths/st. martin, hungary, iceland, ireland, korea south, latvia, liechtenstein, lithuania, luxembourg, malta, martinique, mayotte island, mexico (usa profile), monaco, netherlands, norway, poland, portugal, puerto rico, reunion, romania, sao tome and principe, slovakia, slovenia, somalia, spain, sweden, tajikistan, tonga, united kingdom, united states, zimbabwe


angola, armenia, azerbaijan, belarus, benin, botswana, bulgaria, burkina faso, burundi, canada, colombia, comoros, congo dem rep, cote divoire, egypt, georgia, indonesia, iran, iraq, kazakhstan, kuwait, kyrgyzstan, madagascar, malawi, moldova, montenegro, mozambique, namibia, nepal, pakistan, paraguay, peru, russia, rwanda, serbia, sierra leone, south africa, sri lanka, thailand, turkey, uganda, ukraine, uk isles, vietnam, virgin islands uk, virgin islands us, zambia,


albania, argentina, aruba, bahamas, bangladesh, bermuda, bolivia, bosnia, brazil, cambodia, chile, costa rica, croatia, djibouti, dominican republic, ecuador, el salvador, ethiopia, faeroe islands, gabon, ghana, greenland, guam, guatemala, guinea, honduras, hong kong, japan, kenya, lebanon, macedonia, mali, mexico, mongolia, montserrat, nicaragua, niger, nigeria, philippines, qatar, senegal, singapore, sudan, switzerland, syria, tanzania, togo, turkmenistan, uruguay, uzbekistan, vanuatu, venezuela, yemen


afghanistan, algeria, andorra, anguilla, antigua and barbuda, australia, bahrain, barbados, belize, bhutan, cameroon, cape verde, cayman islands, central african rep, chad, congo, dominica, east timor, ellipso, equatorial guinea, fiji, french polynesia, gambia, grenada, guyana, haiti, israel, italy, jamaica, jordan, laos, liberia, libya, macao, malaysia, maldives, mauritania, mauritius, morocco, netherlands antilles, new zealand, oman, palestine, panama, samoa west, saudi arabia, seychelles, st kitts and nevis, st lucia, st vincent, suriname, taiwan, trinidad and tobago, tunisia, turks and caicos is, united arab emirates


cuba, thuraya

Data Rates

UK is just 9c/MB with 1kb increments. Rest of Europe is largely covered under $0.68/MB. USA (AT&T) is at 12c/MB.
  Billing Increment of "10kb (50kb min)" means 50kb minimum for session, followed by 10kb increments.
AfghanistanTelecom Development Company Afghanistan Ltd (TDCA)15.7210kb
AlbaniaAlbanian Mobile Communications (A M C MOBIL)20.4950kb
AlbaniaEagle Mobile29.8710kb
AlbaniaVodafone Albania29.8710kb
AlgeriaOrascom Telecom Algerie Spa (Djezzy)24.8310kb
AlgeriaWataniya Telecom Algerie24.8310kb
AndorraS.T.A (Mobiland)13.9810kb
ArgentinaTelefonica Comunicaciones Personales SA (UNIFON/ Movistar)24.1710kb
ArgentinaTelecom Personal SA (Personal)24.5310kb (50kb min)
ArmeniaK-Telecom Vivacel16.6510kb
AustraliaSingtel Optus Limited (YES OPTUS)40.3510kb
AustraliaTelstra Corporation Limited (Telstra MobileNet)25.0810kb
AustriaONE GMBH0.681kb
AustriaT-Mobile + ex Telering0.681kb
AustriaMobilkom Austria AG & Co KG (A1)0.681kb
BahrainBatelco (BHR MOBILE PLUS)26.7610kb
BahrainZain BH (ex MTC Vodafone )26.7610kb (50kb min)
Belarus, Republic ofJLLC Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)25.4610kb
BelgiumBASE NV/SA (KPN group belgium)0.681kb
BelgiumMobistar S.A.0.681kb
BelgiumBelgacom Mobile (PROXIMUS)0.681kb
BermudaMobility Limited (BTC MOBILITY LTD.)9.5010kb
BoliviaEntel SA48.2710kb
Bosnia HerzegovinaHT Mobile communication (ex Eronet Mobile)24.32100kb
Bosnia HerzegovinaRS Telecommunication- Mobi's- M Tel20.2410kb
BrazilTIM Celular S.A. (TIM BRASIL)23.6310kb
British Virgin IslandsCCT Boatphone13.9810kb
BulgariaMobilTEL AD (M-TEL GSM BG)0.681kb
BulgariaCosmo Bulgaria Mobile EAD (GLOBUL)0.681kb
Cambodia, Kingdom ofCamGSM (MOBITEL)21.3910kb
CanadaBell Mobility0.5910kb
CanadaRogers Wireless0.5910kb
Cape VerdeCabo Verde Telecom14.5510kb
Caribbean IslandsDigicel (Jamaica)21.0210kb
ChileEntel PCS Telecomunicaciones S.A19.74100kb
ChinaChina Mobile Communication Corp.0.6310kb
ChinaChina Unicom (CU-GSM)0.4210kb
ColombiaColombia Movil SA (tigo)17.9310kb
ColombiaTelefonica Moviles2.4210kb
CroatiaTMobile Croazia (HTmobile)15.48100kb
CroatiaTele 213.89100kb
CroatiaVIPnet d.o.o.17.51100kb
CyprusMTN Cypro (exAREEBA ex Scancom )0.681kb
Czech RepublicVodafone (Cesky Mobil -Oskar Mobil)0.681kb
Czech RepublicTelefonica O2 (ex Eurotel Praha)0.681kb
Czech RepublicT-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.0.681kb
DenmarkTDC A/S0.681kb
DenmarkTelia A/S Denmark (TELIA DK)0.681kb
Dominican RepublicClaro1.9810kb
EcuadorTelefonica Moviles31.5910kb
EgyptThe Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (ECMS-MobiNil)1.4910kb
EgyptETISALAT MISR - Egitto52.2310kb
EgyptVodafone Egypt Telecommunications S.A.E.0.7410kb
El SalvadorTelefonica Movile El Salvador12.5710kb
EstoniaAS EMT (EMT GSM)0.681kb
EstoniaTele2 Eesti AS0.681kb
EstoniaRadiolinja Eesti AS0.681kb
FinlandDNA FINNET NETWORKS (fusa conSuomen 2G Oy)0.681kb
FinlandElisa corporation (ex Radiolinja Origo Oy)0.681kb
FinlandTelia Sonera (Sonera)0.681kb
FranceOrange France0.681kb
FranceBouygues Telecom0.681kb
GeorgiaGeocell Limited13.7610kb
GeorgiaMagti Com (Magti GSM)13.7610kb
GermanyT-Mobile Deutschland GmbH (D1)0.681kb
GermanyVodafone D2 GmbH0.681kb
GermanyE-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH0.681kb
GermanyO2 (Germany) GmbH & Co. OHG0.681kb
GibraltarGibraltar Telecoms Int (GibTel)1.3710kb
GreeceVodafone Panafon0.681kb
Guadeloupe (French West Indies)Digicel (ex Bouygues Telecom Caraibe )1.2610kb
Guadeloupe (French West Indies)Orange Caraibe1.2910kb
GuatemalaCOMCEL-Communicaciones Celulares Sociedad Anonima12.4210kb
GuatemalaTelefonica Movile de Guatemala20.8810kb
GuernseyCable and Wireless Guernsey15.8010kb
Hong KongSunday Communications Ltd - 3G0.2710kb
Hong KongCSL Hong Kong (EX New World PCS Mobility ) Additional IMSI26.8510kb
Hong KongChina Resources Peoples Company Limited12.9910kb
HungaryPannon GSM Telecommunications0.681kb
HungaryTMobile (exWestel Mobile)0.681kb
HungaryVodafone Hungary Ltd0.681kb
IcelandSiminn (EX Iceland Telecom Ltd (LANDSSIMINN)0.681kb
IcelandOg fjarskipti hf (oG vODAFONEGSM ) (EX TAL- Isalnssimin)0.681kb
IcelandIMC Island ehf (Viking Wireless)0.681kb
IndonesiaPT Telekomunikasi Selular (TELKOMSEL)0.9910kb
IraqAsia Cell12.0850kb
IrelandO2 Communications (Ireland) Ltd0.681kb
IrelandVodafone Ireland Plc0.681kb
IsraelPartner Communications Company Ltd (Orange)31.2810kb
IsraelCellcom Israel Ltd0.3010kb
ItalyTelecom Italia0.681kb
JapanNTT DoCoMo, Inc1.1910kb
JerseyJersey Telecom15.8010kb
JordanZain (Jordan Mobile Telephone /ex Fastlink - Jordan)39.7210kb
KazakhstanGSM Kazakhstan Ltd (K'CELL)19.2210kb
KenyaZain ( ex Celtel ex Kencell)16.3750kb
KenyaSafaricom Limited15.9610kb
KenyaTelkom (Orange) Kenya16.3710kb
KuwaitKTC (Viva)0.7410kb
LaoMillicom Lao Co Ltd25.3510kb
LatviaLatvian Mobile Telephone Co (LMT GSM)0.681kb
LebanonMIC 2 (ex LibanCell)34.8310kb
LiechtensteinSWISSCOM MOBILE (ex Telecom FLAG)0.681kb
LiechtensteinTele 2 Aktiengesellschaft (Tele 2 AG)0.681kb
LiechtensteinOrange (Liechtenstein) AG (Orange FL)0.681kb
LithuaniaUAB "TELE2" (TELE2)0.681kb
LithuaniaUAB "Bite GSM" (Bite GSM)0.681kb
LuxembourgP+T Luxembourg (LUXGSM)0.681kb
LuxembourgTango S.A0.681kb
LuxembourgVOXmobile S.A. (
MacauC.T.M. (TELEMOVEL+ GSM900-Macau)15.4810kb
MacauSmarTone Mobile Communications (Macau) Ltd (SMC Macau)30.3210kb
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic ofCOSMOFON (ex MTS -Skopje)54.3910kb
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic ofT-Mobile Macedonia (ex MOBIMAK )54.3910kb
MadagascarTelma Mobile12.6910kb
MalaysiaCelcom (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd26.4310kb
MalaysiaDigi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd24.3610kb
MaldivesDhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Private Ltd GSM 900 (DhiMobile GSM 900)21.6510kb
MaldivesWataniya Telecom Maldives Pvt. Ltd (WMOBILE)21.6010kb
MaltaMobisle Communications Limited (go mobile)1.2910kb
MaltaVodafone Malta Limited1.4310kb
MaltaMelita Malta1.4310kb
MauritiusCellpus (Orange)21.2310kb
MauritiusEmtel Ltd21.2310kb
MexicoTelefonica Messico (MOVISTAR) Pegaso Comunicaciones16.5610kb
MexicoRadiomovil Dipsa (TELCEL)16.5610kb
Moldova, Republic ofOrange) (VoXtel S.A.)6.8010kb
MontserratCable & Wireless West Indies Ltd (Montserrat)15.0610kb
MoroccoMedi Telecom (Meditel)43.1910kb
NetherlandsVodafone Libertel N.V0.681kb
NetherlandsT-Mobile Netherlands (T-Mobile NL)0.681kb
NetherlandsKPN Mobile The Netherlands BV0.681kb
New ZealandTwo Degree Mobile (ex NZC )14.46100kb
NicaraguaTelefonica Celular de Nicaragua8.4910kb
NigeriaGlobacom (Glo Mobile)13.9810kb
NorwayNETCOM AS0.681kb
NorwayMobile Network (Network Norway)0.681kb
NorwayTelenor Mobil0.681kb
Oman, Sultanate ofOman Telecommunications Company (OMAN MOBILE)20.5410kb
Oman, Sultanate ofNawras21.3010kb
PakistanPak Telecom Mobile Ltd (Ufone)6.8310kb
Palestinian AuthorityJawwal24.5310kb
Panama, Republic ofCable & Wireless Panama20.2510kb
Panama, Republic ofDigicel2.5710kb
Panama, Republic ofTelefonica8.0610kb
PeruTelefonica Movile-O223.7550kb
PeruCLARO- America movil-(ex TIM Peru)18.4510kb
PhilippinesGlobe Telecom, GMCR Inc.24.3010kb
PhilippinesSmart Communications Inc. (Smart Gold GSM)20.1010kb
PolandPolska Telefonia Cyfrowa (Era)0.681kb
PolandPTK Centertel (IDEA) Orange0.681kb
PolandPolkomtel S.A (PLUS GSM)0.681kb
PolandP4 Poland0.681kb
PortugalOptimus Telecomunicacoes, S.A0.681kb
PortugalVodafone Telecel0.681kb
PortugalTelecomunicacoes Moveis Nacionais S.A (TMN)0.681kb
QatarQ-Tel (QATARNET)34.2210kb
RomaniaVodafone (ex MobiFon S.A/CONNEX GSM)0.681kb
RomaniaOrange Romania SA0.681kb
RussiaMobile Tele Systems- MTS19.1410kb
RussiaYeniseytelecom (ex Siberian Cellular Systems-900 (SCS-900)22.3810kb
Saudi ArabiaEtisalat( Mobility)32.3010kb
Saudi ArabiaZAIN SD32.2510kb
SenegalSonatel (ALIZE)20.0910kb
SenegalSentel GSM20.0910kb
SerbiaTelenor (ex MOBTEL)24.2910kb
SerbiaTelekom Srbija a.d. (Mobilna Telefonija Srbije)31.1310kb
SeychellesTelecom (Seychelles Limited) (AIRTEL)22.7910kb
SingaporeMobileOne Ltd3.3510kb
SingaporeSingapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd GSM 900) (SingTel)19.5610kb
SingaporeStarHub Pte Ltd17.1310kb
SingaporeSingapore Telecom Mobile (SingTel)16.1010kb
Slovak RepublicTMobile Slovenko0.681kb
Slovak RepublicOrange Slovensko a.s (Orange SK)0.681kb
SloveniaMobitel (Pvt) Limited0.681kb
SloveniaSI.Mobil d.d0.681kb
South AfricaCell C (Pty) Ltd5.6410kb
South AfricaMTN (Pty) Ltd6.4410kb
South AfricaVodacom Group Pty Ltd.23.1210kb
South KoreaKT ICOM21.9510kb
South KoreaSK Telecom28.2210kb
SpainVODAFONE (ex Airtel Movil S.A)0.681kb
SpainFrance TELECOM Espania - Orange- (ex Retevision Movil ex AMENA)0.681kb
SpainTelefonica Moviles Espaņa S.A. (MOVISTAR)0.681kb
Sri LankaMobitel (Pvt) Limited0.4810kb
St Kitts & NevisCable & Wireless St Kitts & Nevis Limited16.8010kb
SwedenTelenor (Vodafone group)0.681kb
SwedenTele 2 AB (COMVIQ)0.681kb
SwedenTelia Mobile0.681kb
SwitzerlandSwisscom Mobile Ltd (SWISS GSM)0.681kb
SwitzerlandTDC Switzerland AG (sunrise)34.1910kb
SwitzerlandOrange Communications S.A31.8510kb (50kb min)
TaiwanFar EasTone Telecommunications GSM 900/1800 (Far EasTone GSM 900/1800)17.3610kb
TaiwanChunghwa Telecom LDM (LDTA GSM)18.6310kb
TaiwanTaiwan Mobile18.7410kb
TanzaniaZanzibar Telecom (ZANTEL)5.9110kb
ThailandTrue Move (ex Orange)2.8710kb
TunisiaOrange (Divona)13.2310kb
TunisiaOrascom Telecom Tunisie (TUNISIANA)11.5110kb
TunisiaTunisie Telecom (TUNTEL)13.2310kb
TurkeyAVEA (ex ARIA)0.2610kb
TurkeyTurkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.23.81100kb
TurkeyVodafone (ex TELSIM)0.5110kb
U.S.ACincinnati Bell Wireless8.1810kb
U.S.AAT&T (ex Cingular )0.1210kb
U.S.AT-Mobile USA, Inc.0.5710kb
UkraineKyivstar GSM JSC25.5310kb
UkraineMTS Ukraina ( ex UMC)24.9510kb
United Arab EmiratesDU16.4910kb
United Arab EmiratesETISALAT34.2950kb
United KingdomO2 (UK) Limited0.681kb
United KingdomT-Mobile (UK) Limited0.091kb
United KingdomOrange PCS Ltd0.091kb
UzbekistanUzdunrobita JV (Uzdunrobita GSM)20.1810kb
VenezuelaDIGITEL27.6910kb (50kb min)
VenezuelaTelefonica Movil- O224.8010kb
VietnamVietnam Telecoms Services Co (GPC) (Vinaphone)20.2210kb