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Trikon provides the most complete set of services for Call Centres, including outbound International VoIP minutes, incoming numbers and services such as Fax2Email and hosted IVRs, as well as the Industry's most innovative dialer solutions

A-Z Termination for Call Centres

International VoIP minutes for Dialers

Discount Deck @ 39p/min

Standard Deck @ 44p/min

Premium Deck @ 49p/min

Unlimited Premium Deck @ 0p/min!

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Sample Outbound Rates

United Kingdom0.790.840.890
United Kingdom Mobile1.391.441.490.99
New Zealand4.694.794.890.5

Inbound Services for Call Centres

International DIDs

Toll free numbers - US @149p/min


Our inbound numbers (DIDs) for USA are of 4 types as below. Our helpdesk will help you decide which ones you need. DIDs cannot be converted from one type to another. DIDs are STIR-SHAKEN compatible.
Type: CallerIDs Inbound Only CallerIDs for
Call Centers
Bulk CallerIDs
for Call Centers
Can be used to set CallerID?
Can be used by Call Centers?
Incoming Charged as Toll Free?
Choice of Area Code? Most Almost all Limited State

PSTN Forwarding

Hunting and Voicemail - Free

Incoming SMS

Custom Services for Call Centres

Beyond our outbound, inbound and dialer services, Trikon provides custom solutions for complex or large scale installations, to enable you to handle the most exacting processes and for non-voice BPOs.

Custom CTI Solutions

  • Leverage our Asterisk® skills for complex CTI solutions
  • Choice of hourly billing or fixed price contracts
  • Available for International or Domestic Centers
  • Estimates available based on RFP, click on call me for more

Restricted Desktop Services

  • Use Linux on your agent desktop to reduce their cost
  • Decrease downtime, unauthorised downloading and eliminate viruses
  • Available on existing agent machines or hardware provided by us
  • Computer and 15/17 LCD monitor provided on rent
  • Minimum contract is 20 desktops, click on call me for an estimate

Analog Telephone Adaptors (ATA)

  • We provide cost effective ATAs in place of channel banks
  • ATAs can be placed close to agent to reduce line hum
  • ATAs provided on rent or with Dialer contract

Custom Dialer Installations

  • Large scale (300 - 950) installations
  • Domestic Dialers with PRI/E1 interface
  • Reversible Domestic Dialer cum VoIP Gateway
  • Click on call me to know more

Custom design services

  • Remote installations.
  • Customizations for your Dialer and Contact centre.
  • Security lock down customized for your network.
  • Hipaa compliance and encryption.
  • Integration with existing software (e.g. CRM).
  • Integration with hardware (e.g. SIP phones, PSTN gateways).
  • Integration with other VoIP services (e.g. SIP trunks).
  • Other CRM integration
  • Simple requirements are free, the rest will be charged for as per RFP.
  • Contact us via email at with your requirements.
Predictive Dialer @Rs2/hr or Free!





24x6 telephone support included2
All features of Vicidial®
Optional administration services
Handle calls, SMS & email
Handle chat
Scale to 100's of users
Use at-home agents
Run single campaign from multiple locations
Run with high ratio (5+)
Integrate inhouse software
Integrate onsite PSTN lines
  1. Per agent. Hourly charge is paid for minimum 5 agents hence is Rs10/hr for 5 agents.
  2. 24x6 telephone support is available for inhouse dialers if telephony services are subscribed to.

Comes in 2 interchangeable flavors to meet any need

Hourly Charged Hosted Predictive Dialer

  • Rs2 per agent/hour, calling costs excluded. Perfect for shift based or seasonal requirements.
  • Calling costs start at Rs0.39/min, charged only for connected calls.
  • Massively scalable from minimum 5 users to 440.
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Inhouse Dialer with Hosted Twin

  • The same dialer you demo at this site is available as a download for you to install on Windows/OSX/Linux.
  • You can start by using the hosted version and then take the dialer inhouse.
  • You can also shift back to using the hosted twin in times of trouble using the online backup!
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The most versatile dialer on the planet!

Dialer Features

  • Based on Vicidial®, the world's most popular dialer
  • Inbound, Outbound and Blended call, email and SMS handling
  • Outbound agent-controlled and predictive dialing
  • Full USA FTC-compliance capability
  • Single tenanted for maximum TCPA compliance.
  • Stir/Shaken Compliant
  • Web-based agent and administrative interfaces
  • Ability to have agents operate remotely
  • Integrated call recording
  • Three-Way calling within the agent application
  • Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone
  • Avatar Soundboard capabilities for agent accent removal
  • Email - send and receive
  • SMS - send and receive
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Complete Work From Home Capability!

Works Even on an Agent Mobile Phone!

  • Full functionality available on Mobile: Predictive, Auto, Manual & Incoming
  • No separate soft phone required for Android with embedded Web Phone
  • Keep in touch with agents even while they are on calls using chat or whisper capability
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Testimonial Thirstiness®

"Also, I just wanted to say how great you guys have been. We have used a Vici Dialer in the past and yours is heads and shoulders above the rest. Affordable, customizable, etc... it's just very refreshing to work with you."
Mark J. Lunde
Northern Marketing Group/PCS
  • We live for comments such as the one above.
  • We collect testimonials like kids collect stamps, or whatever they collect nowadays.
  • Our thirst for testimonials drives us to do the following:
  • A telephonic walk through of our demo to help you make sense of the feature list below
  • Complete help to configure and get going
  • Telephonic support all the way. We answer our phones!
  • Wide range of related services to help you put things together.

Call sales at +91 22 24216325 or send an email to for more info